Geoelis Cables Ltd. Is a reputable organization incorporated in Federal Republic of Nigeria in the year 1978 as manufacturers of Electrical wires and Cables. This was to take advantage of an opportunity created when the Federal Government placed restriction on the importation of electric cables and wires in order to pave the way for indigenous manufacturers.

The Cable factory was also opened in 1978 and the Company went into production in March 1981 at our factory site.

Originally, Chianese Expatriates managed the Company’s technical and production departments but the departments are now fully managed by qualified Nigerians.

The Company manufacturers wide range of cables of various size for domestic, industrial, automobile, telecommunication and national grid overhead lines.

The Company has supplied wires and cables for rural and urban electrification projects at the Local, State and Federal Government levels and caters to both the domestic and West African market.

As a testimony to the quality of our products, Geoelis Cables Limited is a Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) Gold award winner in all our products, member of Manufactures Association of Nigeria (MAN), member of the Cable Manufacturing Association of Nigeria (CAMAN) and member Onitsha Chamber of Commerce Industry, Mines and Agriculture.

The standard of cable conforms to the Nigeria Industrial Standard (NIS) as well as the standard specification recommended by CAMAN.

The cables can be easily identified with the embossment mark on the body of the cable. The cables are packed in polythene wrappers with the inscription of the company’s logo and the company’s “symbol of quality” in black and red.

With over two decades of experience in the Nigerian manufacturing sector and a revitalized management structure and re-engineered processes, we are well positioned to continue to serve the Nigerian and overseas market in this millennium.


At Geoelis Cables Ltd it is the quality of our people that make our company successful.  Our dynamic workforce comprises of people from different backgrounds working together toward a common goal.  A workplace that values diversity shows various benefits, which include: enhanced creativity, better problem solving, heightened motivation, increased productivity and improved communication.

Education, training and development are not only the foundation for economic productivity but also crucial tools to build empowered and dedicated employees.  Within this ethos, we will continue with our endeavour to develop our employees to their fullest potential.


  •  Conduit Wiring Cables
  • Surface Wiring Cables
  • Aluminum Connection Cables
  • Aluminum 4Core Bundle (Reclin)
  • Flexible Cables/ Cords
  • Aluminum Overhead Line
  • Copper Overhead Line/ Earth Line
  • Auto Motor Cables



  • Federal Government
  • State Government
  • Local Government
  • Ministry of Power & Steel
  • Power Holding Company of Nigeria
  • Bonferm Electrical Stores, Obosi
  • Cycoha Electrical Stores, Onitsha
  • Oguine Electrical Stores, Obosi
  • Hyse & Sons Electrical Enter.
  • Popular Electrical Nig. Ltd, Warri
  • Hygico Electrical Nig. Ltd, Owrri
  • S. I. Orakwe Electrical, Enugu
  • Men’s Allied Nig. Ltd, Lagos
  • Brianwell Nig. Ltd, Port-Harcourt